Who's Who in Chartridge

The Chartridge Community relies on a volunteer network to keep it going. We have an elected Board of Directors which appoints the committee chairs, who, in turn appoint the committee members. If you are willing to volunteer, please contact any board member or committee chair. Volunteers are always welcomed!

The 2021-2022 fiscal year Board of Directors

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The Current Committee Chairs

Architectural Committee
Steve Matters
Ricky Smith
Charile Blair
Covenants and Bylaws
OPEN - Volunteers Needed
Chatter (Newsletter)
Volunteers Neededr
Common Area (Community Park & Playground) Committee & Safety Patrol
Ryan Scott
Nominations Committee (for Board of Directors nominations)
Pool Committee
Carrie Scott, Chair
Tom Nagle, Co-chair
Reserve Fund Committee
Volunteers Needed
Social Committee
Megan Lenear
Lindsay Seay
Swim Team
Sonya Woolsey, Team President
Nichole Werre, Team Treasurer
Chris Wright
Website Committee
Tom Nagle